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We are launching "Bring Up The Lights," a much-needed fundraising campaign to raise $5,000 over the next two weeks to upgrade the lighting in our studios here at The Georgia Ballet and we need your help!

The Georgia Ballet moved into our current facility in 2005. Here, we house five dance studios that are utilized daily by our Professional Company, The School of The Georgia Ballet, and our community outreach programming. Our building also houses our administrative offices and costume/prop storage.

The lighting within our five studios is original to the building and is very dated technology. The fixtures are overpowered, require frequent, and expensive, maintenance, yet deliver poor, below average, lighting - while being our single most expensive facility expense. The unbalanced lighting can cause issues for company members, students, and faculty that use the studios - such as disorientation and nausea.

We have done our best to perform required maintenance as needed but have reached a point where this strategy is no longer an option as so many of our fixtures have now failed and the maintenance and utility costs are unrealistic. This project is a top priority to us because the lighting failures impact all dancers and faculty members that utilize the studios. It is no longer logical to purchase or maintain old technology when we can upgrade to LED lighting.

Upgrading to LED lighting fixtures will be much more cost efficient to maintain and operate, will produce more reliable and balanced lighting, and will be much more energy efficient. We have already began the upgrades in a few of our studios and believe that we can complete the project for a total cost of $5,000. Our goal is to raise this amount within the next two weeks so we are able to quickly complete these much-needed upgrades!

Please consider chipping in and supporting The Georgia Ballet's "Bring Up The Lights" campaign by making a donation or sharing with your friends.

Prior to this announcement, we have already received a $1,000 pledge towards this campaign so we only have $4,000 to go. We know that this is possible but we cannot do it without you!



As always, your support is greatly appreciated! We cannot thank you enough for your kind support during these difficult times.

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