Nutcracker Camp 2021


Nutcracker Camp is a fun 3 day event that welcomes dancers back to the studio by learning choreography from The Nutcracker. Each day, dancers will have a short technique class, then learn roles they will potentially audition for and perform on stage. We will focus on acting, choreography, stage presence/appearance, picking up choreography quickly and theater etiquette. This opportunity is ideal for everyone in the levels of Int. 1, Int. 2, Pre conservatory, Intermediate Advanced, Advanced and Conservatory 1,2,3.


Come learn the GAB Nutcracker choreography with your friends for Mother Ginger, Soldiers, Big Mice, Chinese and Clara.  The more you know, the better you will audition.  Please highly consider this workshop to build your child’s confidence for The Nutcracker 2021 auditions which are scheduled for the week of August 16-21! 

This 3-day camp for students in levels Intermediate 1 and above is $100. Please be sure to sign up (at Front Desk.)

Students in Preparatory 1 may be considered on a case by case basis. Please inquire with The Georgia Ballet staff for more information.

Student must be registered in their Fall Schedule classes, with registration and first month’s tuition paid, prior to camp. 


Wednesday, July 28: 10am-1:45pm,


 Party Scene Girls and Clara solo

Thursday, July 29: 10am-11:30 Open Class

Nutcracker Camp for Thursday 7/29 will be postponed till Saturday, August 2 from 1-3pm. Please

come to class 7/29 regardless. 

Clara Battle Scene solo, Lead Mouse, Big Mice, Soldiers

Friday, July 30: 10am-1:45pm

Technique class

Mother Ginger, Arabian, Clara Chinese Dance.