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Sensoy Season Performances

Purchase tickets early & enjoy every performance of The Georgia Ballet's 2022-23 Season

In this upcoming season, The Georgia Ballet will make an impact on our audience with its diverse repertoire. This season will be full of magic from the wonderful and uplifting story of Peter Pan and our traditional Nutcracker, as well as a very dramatic, mysterious, and passionate filled production of Carmen and Bolero de Ravel with a segment from Fortuna. Our talented dancers will be bringing these productions to life with new choreography and costumes that will definitely make this season an exciting one and one you won’t want to miss! Each production will be staged by our Artistic Director, Daet Rodriguez, and our Ballet Mistress, Margit Rodriguez, who welcomes you to enjoy these wonderful performances that are perfect for all ages. This season is a mix of classical ballet, neoclassical, and modern which makes it the perfect combination to enjoy throughout the whole year.

Find more information on sensory-friendly performances here

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October 6-9, 2022

Peter Pan, is a story of fantasy and adventures, which for sure will be welcomed by the community. Not to mention, we’ll have the opportunity to give the audience a family-friendly production, allowing you to break the pattern of formality and offering our audience the opportunity of being able to attend the performance wearing a costume of your favorite character. (Peter Pan – Wendy – Tinkerbell – Captain Hook)

Additionally, this production of Peter Pan is based and inspired by the original story and is choreographed by our Artistic Director Daet Rodriguez and Ballet Mistress Margit Rodriguez.


Join us this October as we kick off our

Season with Peter Pan. 

December 1-4, 2022

The Georgia Ballet’s “The Nutcracker” is a holiday classic and season favorite. Each year, the ballet continues to grow and evolve. This timeless ballet is perfect for the whole family to enjoy as it's full of magic, action, and beauty. Start a new holiday tradition with your family and join us at

"The Nutcracker"!

Join us this December for the

Holiday Season!


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Carmen Pas (2022).jpg

March 16-19, 2023

This ballet has been interpreted by many ballet companies over the years and currently remains within their repertoire.

Carmen is a gypsy, a very beautiful and sensual one. But she is terrible in her passions and plays with the feelings of three men, Don José, Bullfighter Escamillo, and Captain Zúñiga. Carmen represents a passionate woman who opposes and challenges the prejudiced society of her time. She works in a cigar factory where she has problems with some work friends and is taken to jail by order of Captain Zuñiga, who is actually in love with Carmen but is rejected by her.

Carmen finds herself in a love triangle and crossroads, between Don Jose and Escamillo.  Don José, seeing that his beloved has betrayed him while also being blinded by jealousy, begs Carmen to choose him. Given the refusal of the gypsy to give up her freedom, Don José kills her with a passionate and painful stab. Carmen's hand seeks the face of Don José, who sees his beloved die and Carmen’s destiny becomes a reality.


Sensory Friendly Performances ONLY

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Sensory-friendly performances are tailored to children and adults with different visual and auditory sensitivities. The show is shortened to one hour. These performances allow those with sensitivities a chance to enjoy live performances without the potentially startling effects of loud music or harsh lighting.  


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