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Sensory Friendly Shows added to

The Georgia Ballet’s Season


The Georgia Ballet is proud to offer Sensory Friendly performances.


The season’s full length productions will be abbreviated to one hour and feature modifications for children and adults with different visual and auditory needs.


Some of these modifications include: open seating, raised house lights, decreased and eliminated harsh/flashing lights on stage, and decreased audio levels all of which will give the audience the opportunity to experience the show without being confined in their seat in a dark theater for a lengthy period.


It is the mission of The Georgia Ballet to help bring more opportunities to the families and friends of the special needs community to experience the art of Ballet.


In 2012 GAB began DanceAbility, a free class designed to teach children ages 6-13 with special needs a traditional ballet class tailored to fit their individual needs. These performances will build on the positive impact these classes have brought to the community already.


For more information, contact Alexa Goldberg at

Tickets are $10 for children and $15 for adults.

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