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Why Train at GAB?

Experienced Faculty

The School has a diverse faculty with years of professional and teaching experience. Read our faculty bios here.


Class Offerings

We offer a wide range and variety of classes for students whether they choose to study for recreation, or they're training to pursue professional careers. We have classes in ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, and other disciplines. Students will be evaluated and placed in a level that best fits their needs. It is important to us that your student is in a safe and positive environment. Every child has different needs and we try our hardest to accommodate to each circumstance.


Performance Opportunities

Performing is an integral part of a student’s education and teaches the process of learning how to rehearse and prepare repertoire.  All students will have the opportunity to perform, and will learn to develop a strong, productive and cooperative work ethic. Our students have the unique opportunity to audition for roles in The Georgia Ballet's Professional Company’s productions. There is a Spring Concert at the end of each school year for students to showcase what they've achieved. 

Mental Health

We know that growing up isn't always easy, and especially not in the dance world. At The Georgia Ballet, we make mental health a priority. Teachers are always available to schedule meetings with, and the door is always open to both the School and Executive Directors to chat. This year, we've started a new series of mental health focused student sessions with trained performance professionals from all around the country. 


Student Placement & Progress Reports

We understand each student is unique in their talent, physical development, maturity, discipline and strength. During the year, students are always being evaluated, and if there is ever a student who proves to be capable of progressing to the next level, they will be promoted when deemed appropriate. Promotion in the School is not a right, but a privilege that requires enormous dedication, talent, and hard work. No student should be comparing their progress to others within the School.


All classes are closed to parent viewing to maintain the students' complete attention. We do offer observation weeks twice a semester and parents are encouraged to schedule meetings with their teachers to discuss progress.



The Georgia Ballet has 5 state of the art studios each have sprung floors and durable, shock-absorbent Marley. Each studio has a mirrored wall and barres on 3 or 4 of the walls. Free parking is located on 3 sides of the building with a wheel chair access ramp to the front lobby and into the studios on the main floor. There's a spacious, comfortable lobby for parents to enjoy while their dancer is in class. 



In each family's JackRabbit account, there is a parent portal with updated information. Each Monday it is updated with rehearsal schedules and important links for GAB families. Additionally, weekly emails are sent out by the Executive Director to the parents to inform about upcoming events, student spotlights, and more. If something needs to be communicated outside of these means, you will be notified by email or phone call.



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