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Summer Intensive 2020

The School offers a rigorous summer intensive program for male and female students ages 9 and older. Each program is designed to improve a dancer’s technique, artistry, musicality, and professional approach. Disciplines include: ballet technique, pointe technique, pas de deux, body conditioning, boys' classes, jazz, modern, YAGP tips, end of summer performance and more.


All students must audition and be placed in the appropriate level before registering. After being notified by the School Director, they may choose to register any two or more weeks of the program that offers their placement level.

GAB students:

According to your agreements filled out at the beginning of the school year the following is your summer requirement:

Prep 1 and Intermediate 1 students are required to take 2 weeks of Georgia Ballet summer intensives.Intermediate 2/3, Intermediate Advanced, and Advanced/Pre-Pro students are required to take 3 weeks of GAB summer intensives OR 2 weeks of GAB intensive and 1 or more weeks at another intensive that is approved by the School Director.

Please be sure to bring a headshot and a picture of your child in a FIRST ARABESQUE position. No specific size or quality is needed, just be sure your child is clearly visible in the photo.

For Those Approved for Video Audition: 

Head shot and arabesque submitted in the same email with video. 


Barrework- plies, tendus, degages, balances, extensions with fondu, grand battement. Not both sides, only one side of each and alternate. 


Centerwork- Adagio, travel across the floor, petit allegro, medium and grande allegro. 


Boys- tour en l'air exercise


Optional- variation of choice within technical skill level of dancer. 


Audition Dates: February 15 and March 14, 2020

Ages 13+ 1:00-2:30pm

Ages 9-12 3:00-4:30pm

Levels A & B will last four weeks, from June 1-26th

Level C will last two weeks, from June 15-26th

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