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The Georgia Ballet's 22-23 Season will be coming soon. The 

company is Georgia's home for classical ballet and continues to grow and foster

the performing arts needs in the Metro Atlanta area. 

The Georgia Ballet's diverse performances offer audiences of all ages an exceptionally high-quality professional dance experience. The company's ever-growing repertoire of classical and contemporary works demonstrates the strong artistry and skill among company members. Our performing artists are national and international dancers, and have a versatile background in a range of dance styles. 

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" The Georgia Ballet's high standards for both the company and its choreographic undertakings makes it a force to be reckoned with." 

Chelsea Thomas,

"The dancers’ newfound, soft port de bras and expressive use of head, upper torso and shoulders — as well as long, clean balletic lines — showed that classical ballet remains a resilient framework for endless stylistic variation."

-Cynthia Bond Perry,

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