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Sensory Friendly Performances ONLY

Sensory friendly performances are tailored to children and adults with different visual and auditory sensitivities. The show is shortened to one hour. These performances allow those with sensitivities a chance to enjoy live performance without the potentially starting effects of  loud music or harsh lighting.  

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September 23-26, 2021

The performance of “Giselle” is an absolute work of romanticism where all technical, stylistic, and dramatic instances meet. Giselle is full of presentiment, love, tragedy, madness, death, and immateriality. An environment that starts as a naive, hopeful, and sentimental village, then becomes a supernatural fantasy due to tragedy and loss. These are the precise characteristics for a dance work to become a romantic show in full light and potential. 


Join us this September as we kick-off our

62nd Season with Giselle. 

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December 2-5, 2021

The Georgia Ballet’s “The Nutcracker” is a holiday classic and season favorite. Each year, the ballet continues to grow and evolve. This timeless ballet is perfect for the whole family to enjoy as it's full of magic, action and beauty. Start a new holiday tradition with your family and join us at "The Nutcracker"!

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Cafe Concert


Event Cancelled!


Cafe Concert will no longer take place.


Our next event at the

Jennie T Anderson Theatre

will be

Gala:  The Celebration

(see info. below)

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“Gala: The Celebration”

With selected choreographed works from “Paquita” is a revival of the famous Grand pas, which has long since become a classic.  Paquita is a glittering showcase of classical technique, dazzling tutus, and non-stop virtuosic turn that will begin March 17th, and end on March 20th.





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