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Boys and Men's Programs Program

Any boys considering enrollment at The Georgia Ballet will be auditioned for a 50% tuition scholarship for class levels Ballet 2 and below. If they are invited to be a part of the Pre-professional Program of the School, boys may receive a full scholarship to prepare them for the professional arena of ballet. 


All boys enrolled in a regular ballet technique class may be invited to participate in the Friday Boys' Scholarship Class.


The Boys’ Scholarship Class is focused in classical training and designated to enhance athletic skill, flexibility, and strength. Whether choosing a career in dance, musical theater, athletic sports or gymnastics, they will enjoy the benefits of studying dance in an all-male atmosphere.

Uniform: White fitted shirt with black tights and white calf height socks. White canvas shoes.


To learn more about the program, please call 770-528-0881 or email Ashleyanne Hensley at

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