GAB Summer Programs

The Georgia Ballet has implemented a  "Mask Optional" policy as of March 2022. 

Temperatures will be taken as they enter the premises. Cleaning procedures for each studio and bathrooms have been implemented in the daily schedule.

New Offering:  Summer Princess Camp - Ages 3-5 yrs. old  CLICK (for details)


All classes for Summer Intensives, the registration fee is $25

Primary and Summer Camp registration fee is $20

 Summer 2022 Video Audition by Permission Only


Registrations for Summer 2022 - Opens March 1


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Pre-Professional Summer Programs


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Learn about Primary Ballet Summer Offerings

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Summer Intensives

June 6 - July 15, 2022

M-F 9am-4pm

The School offers a rigorous summer intensive program for male and female students ages 9 and older.  Each program is designed to improve a dancer's technique, artistry, musicality, and professional approach.  Disciplines include:  ballet technique, body conditioning, boys' classes, jazz, modern, YAGP tips and more. 

All students must audition and be placed in the appropriate level before registering.  After being notified by the School Director, they may choose to register any two or more weeks of the program that offers their placement level. 

GAB students: 

According to your agreements filled out at the beginning of the school year, the following is your summer requirement: 

Prep 1 and Intermediate 1 students are required to take 2 weeks of Georgia Ballet summer intensives.  Intermediate 2/3, Intermediate Advanced and Advanced/Pre-Pro students are required to take 3 weeks of GAB summer intensives OR 2 weeks of GAB intensive and 1 or more weeks at another intensive that is approved by the School Director. 

Please be sure to bring a headshot and a picture of your child in a FIRST ARABESQUE position.  No specific size or quality is needed, just be sure your child is clearly visible in the photo. 

Boys/Men - First Week - June 6-10

Levels A & B will last four weeks - June 6- July 1

Level C will last two weeks - June 20 - July 1

BALLET INTENSIVE- Levels A and B invited- July 5-15

GAB students - $300 (each of the first two weeks attended);

                     $250 (additional 3rd or more weeks attended)

Non-GAB students - $350 (each of the first two weeks attended);

                            $300 (additional 3rd or more weeks attended)


June 6-July 1  Session 1

July 8 - 29       Session 2

$66 per session / $106 for both

(Monday or Friday class options)

Primary Ballet Summer Class (June & July)

Young dancers will explore music and ballet in this introductory curriculum.  Lessons introduce ballet steps and develop beginning ballet techniques using engaging music and activities.  Students will develop coordination and confidence by expressing themselves in new ways and by learning how to socialize, work and learn with others. 

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July 5-15, *includes Pointe Intensive

Monday thru Friday, 9am-4pm


GAB $300 / Non-GAB $350 per week

Ballet Intensive

This new program is for those interested in intensifying their ballet training.  Focus is to improve technique, artistry, musicality, and professional approach with  conditioning and variations for Intermediate-Advanced.  Combined with Pointe Intensive provides an intense two weeks. 9am-4pm M-F.


July 11-15

Monday thru Friday, 9am-12:15pm

Beginner to Advanced

GAB $150 / Non-GAB $175

Pointe Intensive

For dancers who are pre-pointe or those that are new to advanced level pointe.  Registration for this program is necessary for us to maintain social distancing.  Class runs from 9am to 12:15pm with a technique class from 9-10:30am and then pointe from 10:45-12:15pm.  There are two levels of classes that dancers will be placed in based off of their auditions in the past.


Dance Camp & Mini Intensive

Dance Camp, Ages 6-8            June 13-17, 2022        M-F 10am-4pm

                                                  July 11-15, 2022           M-F 10am-4pm

Mini Intensive, Ages 9-12         July 11-15, 2022         M-F 10am-4pm

Cost:  $250 / Session

Jump on in to our dance camp and try something new this summer.  Learn all about the different styles of dance including ballet, jazz, modern and hip hop.  Great for any skill level!